Friday, April 23, 2010


My lilacs are out and booming today.  The air is heavy with their heady sweet smell.  This year I do not have as many flower heads.  I just read that it is because I did not deadhead the blooms from last year.  I was not aware that needed to be done.  Seems like an awful lot of work and then what would you do with a lilac tree that is tall?

The milk glass vase was my Grandmother's and is one of my treasures.  I think it is such a pretty color and now that vintage is all the rage I like to use it frequently for small flower arrangements.

I just love lilacs as does Mister T.  Oh of course this is my Mister T statue.  Mister T is healing well but is self conscience and does not want his picture taken till he heals up.  I think he looks like he had a loosing fight with a stapler as many of the dog bites look like puncture wounds.  His tail stump is healing and for a while last night I took his collar off so his neck could have a rest.  He went right to licking the wounds so back on it went.

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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for visiting Brynwood and leaving such sweet comments. They made my day!

I'm sure you already read how much I love lilacs, and you're so lucky to have them growing in your yard. Enjoy that fragrance while you can.

I'll have to do a little "older post' exploring and read about Mister T. So sorry he's under the weather and hope he's doing better soon.

I've joined your followers, so I'll be back to visit again soon!