Friday, April 23, 2010

Importance of weighing this years produce

last year's green bean harvest ready to be canned 

I am going to participate in weighing my garden harvest this year in order to document how much I actually produced and what the value of what I produced is.  Please read this short interesting article on how to measure your produce at

I am going to use my kitchen scale that a picked up new and in the box at a yard sale last summer.  I am thrilled I finally have a use for it.  A couple of days ago I picked the first rhubarb of the season and weighed it.  It was just less than one pound so I picked a couple more stalks to even it out.  My neighbor, Maggie, picked some so now I have harvested 1.5 pounds.  The plants were given to me a couple of seasons ago.  The farmer's market was selling organic rhubarb for $4.25/lb and the grocery store had it for $3.50.  So now I have an imaginary $8.50 to use for new plants.

Please read the article and think about doing this simple documentation this year.  We all need to eat more home grown veggies and send the message to Monsanto (boo hiss) that we do not want genetically altered, chemically fertilized food on the shelves and in our bodies.

I watched Food Inc again the other night and I am working on consciously choosing to stop buying foods with corn products.  I have not been able to give up my Doritos yet but I am working on making more things at home.


Tango said...

I have been GMO and dairy free for going on 6 weeks. It was overwhelming at first since Monsanto has their fingers in just about everything, but it is well worth it. I feel awesome!! :)

marge said...

jeez - I saw lilacs in bloom here on the East coast too - only about a month early. we are going to be picking apples in August, and the farm just said the strawberries are budded (or whatever they do).

Anonymous said...

Tango...good for you! I am cutting things right and left. I read the ingredients in Mr. T's food today and almost dropped to the floor. I go from real cooked food to dog food for variety but now I realize it is my own laziness.
I am not ready to give up my 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee or my ice cream and butter. I will look for some place else to purchase it though for a better farm.