Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just read a blog article by a woman who broke her foot in several places.  It reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when I broke my foot.  When I met with the foot specialist who was a surgeon he suggested I have surgery to repair the broken bones.  I asked to heal it myself.  He said he would give me a week and see how I had done.  I returned, he x-rayed and to my glee he agreed to go along with my self healing.
I was a student of Ramtha The Enlightened One and had learned some rudimentary healing skills.  I knew it was time to put them to the test.  I agreed to go to Dr Visits regularly and be checked.  I studied my x-rays and learned where the problems were, what their names were and what their purposes were.  I got a physiology coloring book and drew the affected areas healed.  I read about bone healing and what it takes for the body to heal broken bones.  I began to take calcium and magnesium.  Then the key was a visualization I did over and over again.  The visualization included some little cartoon like painters.  Each had a pail and a spackle trowel and were dressed in white.  They would fill the broken areas on the x-rays until all filled up (representing complete healing).

This was my alternative
I accomplished my goal in six weeks and did not have any further problem with my foot.  The Doctor was impressed and mentioned writing a paper on the documentation.  He did not get around to it and I believe was a bit intimidated by associating himself with what he called New Age healing.  I laughed and did agree his surgery business might be affected.

Here are my feet now!

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