Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dramatic Dog Drama

Oh My God - dog drama yesterday!  I left my mini dachshund with my mother's  mini dachshund and a terrier yesterday and took Mom to the bank.  When we came back I thought I would go home (three doors down), make a sandwich then walk back to get Mister T.  I began to make a tuna sandwich (tuna I had canned of course) and I thought I heard something.  I stepped out on the patio and I heard dogs barking and someone yelling.  I took off grabbing the cell phone and ran down the street while calling 911 for help.  I did not know what the problem was but that I was going to need help.
My Mom was down on the ground in the backyard, covered in blood, cradling something and yelling.  Two dogs were all around her biting at something.  She was holding Mr T and trying to protect him.  I grabbed Mister T pulled off the other two dogs and ran for towels to put on Mom's hands.  She was bitten over 20-30 times on both hands and arms and both thumbs had been punctured.  Her face was bitten on one cheek.
The Fire Department came and helped me get the two dogs in two different places.  The EMT's worked on Mom's hands and arms and the Firemen looked at Mister T.  He had many bites and was bleeding profusely. I asked to have Mom taken to St. Peter's Hospital and called a neighbor to drive me to the Vet Hospital.  Then the owner of the third dog arrived and I asked him to take me to the Vet Hospital and made arrangements to be picked up after the drop off to get to the hospital.
The Vet took Mister T out of my arms and said to go to the hospital to attend to Mom.  I was covered in blood and looked like someone had put a screwdriver into my navel and I was leaking.  When I got out of the truck at the hospital I was met by a man calling me by name.  Seems he was the dog officer and was told I was on my way to the hospital and recognized me by the blood.  Guess there aren't many people who get stabbed by a screwdriver in the belly button in the area.
Mom had to have her hands scrubbed, one thumb nail removed and was xrayed.  No breaks and no broken teeth (seems dog bites some times have broken teeth especially with small dogs).  She refused pain medication - can you imagine that???  We brought her home in the hospital gown because we did not want to put all the bloody clothes back on her.
She is much better today and still won't take pain meds.  She is taking an antibiotic and has bandages that make her look like she has mittens on.
Mister T is in a world of hurt.  He has many bites and puncture wounds.  He will have to go back in next week to have his tail removed as there is too much of it gone to repair itself.  I am to pick him up at 5 pm and baby him for a few days.  I am so upset over what happened to Mom.  I am amazed at how brave she is.  I am so proud of her to try and save my baby.  I am so upset I choose to leave the three dogs in one place unattended.
We do not know if Baba will have to be put down.  The law in Washington is that the dog has to be in quarantine for four days before any decision is made.  Terry wanted to put him down right away when he found out what happened to Mom and Mister T.  We will see what happens.
Mom's dog, Tinker, seems fine and is being kept in the house under watch and is being let out only in the front yard and is being kept away from Baba.
I will appreciated any prayers for Mom and Mister T to help their healing and keep them out of pain.  Needless to say it has been a rough 24 hours.  I will write again when I am able to.  Thanks for the prayers.


2 Tramps said...

Oh, my, what an ordeal for all of you! I am so, so sorry for everyone... Definitely prayers go out for your Mom, Mr. T and you, too. Our dog had to have some of his tail amputated, too, after being bitten by another dog at the kennel. It was a K-9 Sheriff German Shepherd that got Angus's tail. It was an ordeal trying to save it and in the end it had to go. He did just fine other than some nerve issues for a few weeks afterwards. He was a basset hound and had to wear the big lampshade deal on his collar - very hard for a short dog. Hopefully they have something just the right size for dear Mr. T. We will be thinking of you....

Katidids said...

Oh, I am so sorry! Give your Mom a hug from me and Mr T a treat. You all will be in my prayers thats for sure!..dogs are like kids (as you know) they behave and are tolerant when Moms home but the riot begins as soon as shes out the door. How frightening for you all! Oh, Your Mama...giver another hug ok? And a cyber hug to you as well!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I'm so sorry for what's happened! Thank goodness you heard the ruckus and came running. I don't how big the biting dog is, but biting your mom on the face like that was very dangerous. Mr T won't miss his tail after he's all healed up. Tell him it's just the latest fashion.

Definitely keeping you all in my prayers!

PioneerPreppy said...

Ouch, Sorry to hear about all that. I pray for Mom and dog(s) swift recovery.

the canned quilter said...

Oh my! I am so sorry and will keep your Mom and you in my prayers.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

How completely awful. I'm so sorry that all three dogs got into such a terrible fight...and that the future looks bleak for all three of them. I'll say prayers for all of them...and most of all for your very brave and protective mom.