Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving Ideas and Frugal Hacker

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday and asked if the office sponsored any weight loss groups.  The Dr said, "Oh, we have a great job on stretching a budget so there is money available all month for groceries!".  I laughed.

First of all, that is not a class I need but a class I could certainly teach.  Then my humor button was touched because I want to loose weight and eat less not eat more and and have more groceries available.  Looks like I might be helping teach the class.

Here are some tips that might help you in the kitchen, with your budget or life in general:

  1. Everyone, by law, is entitled to get a free copy of their credit report.  This page on his site has some helpful links for doing just that. For all the talk about being responsible with credit, a copy of your own report is invaluable in understanding it.  Let me know if anyone has accomplished the free credit score.
  2. This master gardener has created a site to allow gardeners to buy, sell, swap or give away excess produce.  It's free to use.  Check it out: The Farmer's Garden.  Nothing was available in my area yet but if we all begin to submit items and suggestions the site will grow and will be helpful.  I am always looking for free things and scan lots of sites.
  3. PriceYeti gives you a watch list to track your items across all online retail sites and then sends you notifications when their price drops. Great for discount deals.  It's also very clean and usable.   They're running a $300 launch promotional where they're giving away a tracked item for free, 2 weeks before Christmas
  4. 7-month update on my No-Shampoo experience.  I didn't make the switch to save money, but it's undeniably cheaper - and my hair is happy.  This gal uses water and baking soda to clean her hair and saves on hair products.  She reports she has long thick hair and it is clean without dandruff.  An interesting read and sure would be a money saver if it works for you.
  5. It is a good time to go out and pick up pine cones for this winters projects.  Let them dry out before storing them as mold can form and spread quickly.  You may want to sprinkle salt over them to kill off any bugs.  I no longer will use bug spray because it can kill the good guys.  Another alternative is to spread them out on a warm day in the sun and hope the critters walk away.
  6. This idea is a really good one.  Bake meatloaf, casseroles, muffin etc in large muffin pans to create individual servings.  Also freeze leftovers in the muffin pans then pull them out and place in a container in the freezer.  This is a great idea if you help an older person by preparing meals.  It will save on waste and create cute portion sized meals.  I am going to do this idea tonight and prepare meatloaf in a popover pan (has a large size holes or cups).
  7. Carry Insulated Shopping Bag in Your Car
    Frugal and Green! Purchase one of those heavy duty insulated shopping bags and keep it in your car for when you're grocery shopping, especially in the summer. You will be surprised at how beneficial it will be and how often you'll be glad you have it handy. They are very inexpensive, fold flat, take up little storage space in your car when not in use and open to a generous size bag.  I use mine for ice cream especially when I am shopping at multiple stores.

    • Andrea shares the strangest little hack she ever came up:  So, it was 95 degrees this week and the sun was beating down on my skylight (I know, I should have done something before this). Desperate times being what they are, I grabbed an accordion style baby gate, figured out the right size to safely secure it in the skylight, draped a folded sheet over it and locked it in place in my skylight. Instant sunblock for a free short term solution to a short term problem! Kids can not get to it and it is not moving anywhere until this heat passes.
    • Briana provides instructions for frugal wasp/hornet traps.
    • Linda tells how to make a doll blanket that is easy and quick to complete.  She adds, "You can also use the squares to make pillows, tote bags, place mats all kinds of fun things!"
    • Linda also posted instructions to make quick and easy barstool covers.
    • There's a giveaway ending soon on my family blog, Life in a Shoe.  Enter up to 4 times to win a free Thirsties Diaper Cover and their Fab Fitted Diaper in your choice of colors!

    Most of these ideas came from the  Frugal Hacks.  If you have not subscribed to her website I highly recommend that you do.  You will see me there once in a while as a guest author and contributor!  Whoo Hoo.


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