Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yard Sale-ing Today 3/13/2010

Mom and The Frugal Fraulein went off yard saling at 8:45 this morning. It was cold out, sunny then would hail and rain.  A perfect mixed bag of spring weather.

We found a few yard sales and I scored at one of them!  I found a plastic bag with material.  A closer look produced a large pile of yoyo's all cut out.  I have been making yoyo headbands lately so I was thrilled.  I also found a small cake or cookie stand and put that in the bag.  Then I saw a pair of pinking shears and slipped them in the bag.  When I got up to the sales person she asked me to come up with a price for what was in the bag.  She did not even look in the bag. I said $3 and she said that sounded good!  Ya hoo I love yard sales!

In the bag was a  neatly piled selection of fabric, some cut stripes of padding for quilting or possibly pot holders, about 100 cut yoyo's , pinking shears (that are sharp), roll of candle wicking, package of velcro circles, package of quilters edging and the glass cake Mister T did not come in the bag.  He just had to check out Mama's bag to see if there was a new ball or toy for him!

The other day I went to the local Casino with my Mom and Charlotte (I won $113!!). When I was putting away the walker in the truck I found this shredder and muffin pan.  Both are old as evidenced by the green wooden handle on the shrewder.  I asked Charlotte if she was going to shred in the car then bake muffins.  She said they were the last two things she bought at yard sales.  She is no longer able to attend yard sales due to her health condition.  How sad to think one couldn't do an activity any longer.  She asked me if I wanted them and I lit up and said yes.  I will keep them hung up in my laundry room as a reminder of Charlotte's last yard sale trip.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Great haul this weekend!
And congrats on the big casino win!

Hey, I'm loving the new collage header you created, great job!


Sharon said...

I love yard sales! And I also like the new pictorial header. Very country and vintagey gardeney.

Frugal Canner said...

Thank you ladies! I figured out how to make a collage with Picasa and used that tool to make my garden pictures into a header. I will be working on some other ones so I can switch them out occasionally.