Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boston Harbor, Olympia, WA

Boston Harbor Marina
After yard saling we drove to Boston Harbor in Olympia.  It is a small cove in Puget Sound with a friendly marina that rents kayaks, sells fish and crab and I think they have a couple of sail boats they rent out.  Usually there is a harbor seal playing about but today I did not see him.

I love to go and sit at this marina because it reminds me of Marblehead.  I can hear the halyards slapping against the masts, it smells like sea water, the sea gulls are sitting waiting for something to eat and leaving their white messages everywhere.

I have rented kayaks three times at Boston Harbor.  It  is a great place for beginners.  They have special place at the dock to safely get in the kayak without tipping it over.  Once in I think it would be hard to tip it over but then I certainly do not want to do that as I think it would be really difficult to get back in.  The first time I was going to go I called a couple of days in advance to be sure they had one big enough for my butt.  They assured me they could accommodate anyone.  It was such a serene ride.  You are actually sitting below the water line or at least my big butt way and I was able to glide through the water so smoothly and quietly.  That day I saw the seal, salmon jumping all about, eagles, a kingfisher and otters.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up a little and I will go again.

Carved Sea Captain

Lilacs ready to bloom!

And all at once I saw a host of golden daffodils

Sea gull decoration in pot of chives

There are seals around the marina

Loved these old bird houses that probably host swallows.

Kayaker out on a beautiful day

Kayaks ready for renting

Muscles growing on old piece of wood off the dock


sea gull looking out over the harbor

Used cleat

Pink Canoe

gang plank

Boston Harbor Light House

Sand Dollars


Savings Queen said...

Great new banner!!!

I love the picture journal, it is such a nice touch!


Anonymous said...

Great photos; I am so jealous you already are in spring and I'm in drab. Miss Rowley

Applications Plus said...

Hey.... I'd LOVE to go up there with you kyaking....

Love the new look with the pictures.... good work... and you did it yourself, you advertureous one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your garden pictures!

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of New England and the days that I used to sit at the waterfront and watch the boats come and go.