Thursday, February 25, 2010

Note to Canadian Readers

A quick note to all the Canadian readers.  Thank you for hosting the Olympics this year.  The coverage has been wonderful and I am looking forward to going to British Columbia this summer.  The scenes have been breathtaking and I can not believe that in all the years I have been living in the Pacific Northwest that I have not been anywhere except the most beautiful Victoria, BC.  The people seem so warm and friendly and I just can not get over how majestic it appears to be.

I did spend part of a summer in Manitoba once on a trip sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America but that was way back in the late 60's!  I am sure it is much different now.

I have also been to Ottowa, and Quebec and camped along the Atlantic coast in the Arcadia National Park.  I love Canada and am looking forward to experiencing more of it.  Thank you for being such gracious hosts to all the Olympians and their supporters.

Let me know if any of you have friends in the Vancouver area that might like to host a canning class!

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