Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Musings on the Olympics

I have watched a bit of the Olympics this year.  The opening show was magnificent.  It is amazing what technology is able to do.  I loved seeing the native Canadians jump from iceberg to iceberg and then see the Orca whales jump and swim through the water.  Then there was the fellow that soared through the air over the wheat fields.  Truly amazing.

The two Olympians that have captured me are Anton Ono and Shawn White.  Anton Ono is a resident of Washington and lives just south of Seattle so he is essentially a local boy.  We hear a great deal about him on our version of the news and local media.  I have never heard a quote or interview with him when he was not humble, respectful and careful with his words.  He prideful but not boastful and always acknowledges the other competitors and their skill.  He has done his stint in Hollywood and experienced the fast life and seems to have come out of it unscathed.  I will be very curious to follow his career and see where it leads him.  I see him making very calculated business decisions and setting himself up quietly for life.  I actually smile every time that cold remedy commercial comes on when he rips off his shirt.  It is not the sex appeal of the commercial but the feeling of his power and focus that gets me.

Shawn White is an over the top character whose life is all about fun and adventure and I think that is wonderful.  He is an example of someone taking life by the throat and wringing every ounce of energy from it in a good way. I love his big smile and flowing red hair.  He does it his way on a large scale.  I see him being very wealthy and prospering in business at the advertising end of things.  He will never be an office guy but would have a building complete with skateboard ramps, climbing wall and fire poles instead of stairs.

I am not into the comparisons of what country got the most amount of medals.  Obviously Americans did well because we sent so many athletes and they had so many more opportunities for training than some other countries.  I salute everyone that participated whether they won or not. I think everyone should get a medal like they do in Special Olympics.

Finally since I live so close to Vancouver and Whistler I would like to go there this summer.  It is a beautiful area and the media has done a great job to entice me to visit.  I am going to get a new passport since sooner or later we may all need one and take the camper and make a trip.  Maybe I will see you along the way.

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