Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Seed Offer in UK

Courgettes, onions and tomatoes

If you are a reader in the United Kingdom here is a free offer for seeds!  Grow Your Own Pledge

The Royal Horticultural Society is offering free seeds to those who will take a pledge to grow vegetables and fruit!  They have a good website full of information and resources.

It is great to see an opportunity for everyone to plant a small garden no matter what their financial situation.  Please share this with all your friends in the UK.  I did sign up but I think the seeds are not to be sent to the US.

This year we should all be planting something!  Even if you plant one tomato plant you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, growing something more healthy and learning a sustainable skill.

A full garden is not needed.  You can grow in a container, window box, hanging basket, hanging plastic bag holder, along the sidewalk, in median strips along the street, in vacant lots, share a garden with neighbors or family or friends.  Just get out there and plant, plant, plant.

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