Saturday, February 6, 2010

Musings about Coupons

A friend asked me why I was writing about coupons all of a sudden and not writing about canning and gardening.  I thought it was a no brainer since I have not been canning and my garden is asleep for the winter.

I wanted to learn something new.  I have cut out coupons in the past and usually clip them to the refrigerator and never take them with me to the grocery store.  Then I get mad at myself for wasting time and loosing out on an opportunity.  There had to be a better way.

Since fishing around on the internet I have found so many blogs and sites devoted to the art of couponing. I wanted to find out for myself if I could save some money using their methods and suggestions.  Now the more I read the more I know about how to use coupons effectively and profitably.  I did save $65 dollars this week.  Would I have bought all those products if I had not had the  But I made sure they were things I would use.  I think the hold grail of couponing is to have a register tape that says $0.  Until I reach that goal I am going to stick to it.

So bear with me while I share my journey becoming a Couponista.  If if you save a dollar here and there you will have made a dent in your grocery bill or might be able to choose an organic or locally grown item and reduce your carbon footprint by a little bit.  We are all in the same boat with climbing prices and our awarenesses growing to the plight of food and water.  Every small step counts.  So clip a coupon this week out of the Sunday paper and give it a try.

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Cozy Little House said...

You've inspired me! My husband just asked me if I wanted a couple of Target coupons and I said no. I'm going back in there and grabbing them.