Monday, November 9, 2009


Please notice that I have added a translating feature to the blog.  There are now people from 39 countries reading Frugal Canning and I have noticed very few from South America.  I asked around and the word was making the blog readable in Portugese might draw readers from South America. 

Hopefully this will help.  Please let me know if it works for you by leaving a comment below.  Thank you and welcome!


Franklyn said...

Now where would you have gotten an idea like that? (grin) One thing you might also try is making the link to the translation an animated flag as visitors who don't understand English will recognise their flag.

You can use pictures like the ones I use.
or the Portuguese flag at

Many more animated flags can be found at

(just click on my name)

and make it a link to the translation

The Frugal Fraulein said...

See I do pay attention!