Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Aid and CPR

Yesterday, I spent my Saturday renewing my First Aid and CPR certification.  For those of you that do not know, CPR means Cardio Pulminary Resesitation.

I am an advocate for this training and encourage all of you to go and take a refresher course.  It does not matter if you took the class 7, 10 or 3 years ago.  The classes need to be renewed every two years.  The class is always being updated and changed.  The skills you learn could save the life of a family member, friend or perfect stranger.

What would you do if you came upon a serious car accident and you were the only person around?  Would you know how to respond?  Would you know how to get help?  Would you know what to do if someone was not breathing?

What would you do if your spouse suddenly collapsed while you were watching television?  Could you help them till professional help arrived?

Please go and renew your First Aid and CPR card or certificate.  You might save a life.

If I was Queen of Everything, I would mandate that all graduating students and vehicle drivers renewing their licenses take First Aid and CPR training.  Think how many people would be trained to assist others.  Isn't that a great idea?

To look for a First Aid class near you go to American Red Cross or Medic First Aid International or call your local Fire Department to find a class near you.  Some are free (my favorite word) and some have a nominal fee.

Can you save a life?  Make it a priority before the end of the year.  Give the class as a holiday gift to someone you love.  Sponsor someone to take the class.  Encourage your co-workers and family members to be certified.  This is the year to get the training you might need desprately in an emergency.

How did you spend your Saturday?


wcwk (When Celebrities Were Kids) said...

nice post...dude..
good informative!!!!

wcwk Team

Anonymous said...

..."I would mandate"...

So how do you like Nancy and her Obamacare? Those are MANDATES.

"but Oh, that's different".

Don't be so quick to decide for everybody.

Franklyn said...

I was viewing websites on on Saturday and getting ready for a computer class I was teaching on Sunday. I am writing this comment while seeing your website on Mousetrap (grin)

I think refreshing your first aid skills is a great idea.

first aid said...

thanks for sharing nice post

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