Monday, November 9, 2009

Ode to Fall

What do I love about Fall?

It is the leaves falling to prepare the tree for their long winter nap to dream the arrive of Spring and a new beginning.  It is the smell of leaves burning.  Even if these days that is not environmentally correct it still smells great. 

It is picking apples, eating apples, cooking with apples, smelling apples.

It is roadside farm stands displaying their havest abundance.

It is going pumpkin picking with a friend and looking for the perfect pumpkin.

It is Fall door decorations and window boxes. 

It is the foliage along a stream.

It is bundling up and getting out sweaters, jackets, hats and mittens.

It is making homemade soup and bread.

It is a Fall Northeaster storm.

It is collecting beautiful leaves.

And it is a beautiful, memorable trip to my hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts and friends like Margie, Maureen, Ellen, Barbara, Bill and Anna who took me to some of my favorite places in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Thank you.


margearm said...

awesome blog - great photos - just like they saw in New England - wait and the weather will change - you had snow, sun, warm, cold. This week is summer!!

Laurel said...

God I love Abby's blog! Who else do you know who takes the time to share her fantastic adventures with others - and she includes really great pix! Your photos were especially meaningful to me because I've actually been there and have cousins there who I met for the first time 13 years ago. Marblehead had one coffee house, I think it was the best one anywhere near Boston! Abby's blog has my vote for best local blog. Thanks, Abby, for providing a memorable armchair trip - I close my eyes and smell those apples...