Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emergency Preparedness Articles #4

I am an advocate of storing food for your family.  The reasons cross the board.  Let's say you lost your job.  Your savings will be gone in a short period of time.  You will be unable to further max out your credit cards.  What then?  It is time for all of us to think about being self reliant.  I will continue to share some interesting articles that might help and inspire you to store up some extra food.  Do you have at least enough food to take your family through one month without going to the store?  What if the stores were empty due to a transportation problem such as no fuel?  Please think seriously about storing up some extra items while you can.  

What if wheat was unaffordable?  How many products do you eat that consume wheat?  
On Monday [Aug. 2], wheat prices staged the most dramatic rise in more than 50 years. A bushel of wheat traded above $6—a 42 percent monthly increase—but possibly for good reason," from theTrumpet.com: link here

"The promise of a profitable year for Washington wheat farmers has become more likely because of events on the other side of the globe," By KEVIN MCCULLEN from the Tri-City [WA.] Herald in the Seattle Times:
link here

Why are the bees disapearing and what impact does that have on our crops?  "‘Growing body of evidence’ links pesticides to bee decline"
In The Ecologist:
link here 

"Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed"
From Alex Jones:
link here 

"How to Create a Food Storage Supply for You and your Spouse ... For as Little as $5 per Week
By Esther in Off The Grid News:
link here 

Does your family have a food storage plan?  What good ideas do you have for food storage?  Do you have good articles to share with other of like mind?  Please leave comments by clicking on the comment button below.  I am especially interested in folks from foreign countries who read the blog. 

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