Monday, July 19, 2010

cabbage Capers

Been canning up a cabbage storm this week.  A local gardener had a bumper crop this year of green cabbage, savory cabbage and purple cabbage.  I was given the savory cabbage.  Six of the largest heads I have ever seen that were perfect without any eaten spots by cabbage varmints.
I made three different recipes.  The first was good old fashioned stuffed cabbage rolls.  After rolling up 15 rolls per quart jar I realized that when the consumers opened the yummy jars they would be dumping out the contents into a sauce pan and the beautiful rolls would fall apart.  Since holding them together with toothpicks did not seem like a good idea, the next batch I did differently.  I shredded the blanched cabbage and folded it into the organic hamburger and brown rice mixture.  I called it stuffed cabbage mix.  I am pleased with the looks of the results.  I do have to admit that the rolls look like brains once canned.
The third recipe was a curried relish I have made in the past.  Yum yum curried relish is so good with meat dishes and it also really good with tuna fish.  A time consuming process when the mixture is salted and sets for 3-4 hours.  While I was grating the mixture, my food processor began to smoke and broke.  I thought I was up the creek without a paddle but along came Mom who bought me a super delux processor as an early  birthday present .Pictures coming.
I hope the family has some delicious dishes.


Anonymous said...

Good day....can you post the recipe for the curry dish? Sounds wonderful, I'd like to try it.

LOVE your blog!

MaMaBear in the Mitten

Anonymous said...

Love your blog but thought you might want to check the standards for home canning rice. The extension services say it is too dense for a home pressure canner heat to permeate it and might result in botulism.

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