Monday, May 3, 2010

Canned Cheese

Washington State University’s Agricultural Department makes a product that I have never seen elsewhere.  They can the cheese called Cougar Gold made from the herd that the students care for. I have sampled two kinds: one is a smoked very sharp orange cheese that reminds me of the sharp cheese I grew up with that we got from Vermont or a very sharp Gouda and the other is a white cheese that is also sharp tasting.  I plan on going over to the dairy store and checking out their line of cheeses later in the week.  Canned cheese is an excellent addition to a food storage plan and last indefinitely as long as it is not opened.  I don’t think the opened can would last very long because you are going to want to eat it at every meal. An unopened can can last 30 years and will be better with age!

This is the white cheese that is also sharp.

I had some of the smoked cheese crumbled on my fried eggs this morning and it is simply delicious!  Each can holds 1 pound 20 ounces of a round of cheese.  I believe the cheese costs $18 a can but I will check on the details when I make a visit.  If you are able I would suggest you order a can or two and find the one you like the best then stockpile some up for when TSHTF.  What a treat it would be to take hunting or have in the cabin.  It is excellent to cook with or have on crackers.  I especially like it grilled in a sandwich or Penne.  You could create sandwiches better than any Barista or Café on the streets of Paris.

I love the fact that it comes with the name of the student who made the batch and the date it was canned for aging.

I have purchased canned butter and cheese that comes from New Zealand but I prefer this more local product.  The Red Feather cheese is milder and less flavorful.  Now that I am aspiring to be more of a Locavore, I am going to buy the WSU cheese.  I will check to see what other products they may have canned that would be good for long term storage.  Ordering and  store hours can be found at   I hear they also make homemade ice cream and you know I will have to sample that!!!!

I am taking a can of both back with me and will share them with Mom.  I am looking forward to making some macaroni and cheese.  Oh yum yum.

CAUTION:  WSU only mails cheese during certain months so it is not affected by heat.  They want to ensure you get the best product possible!  :-)

I am not affiliated in any way with WSU and the cheese.  I loved the product and wanted to pass on a recommendation.  They are very helpful on the phone or internet and will answer all your questions.


Tango said...

Thanks for posting this. I just ordered some. After the transaction went through, I was informed that I won't get my cheese until sometime in September due to the warm weather.
LOL...I know by September I will have forgotten about it and it will be a nice surprise.
Sure wish I lived closer. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I forgot to mention that in the article. I just added a reminder about shipping. I know you are going to have a wonderful surprise in September!!
I had some cheese with my scrambled eggs this morning and it was deeeelicious.
I now have the orange cheddar, white cheddar and the one with dill and garlic! I tried them all in the store and it was a difficult decision to make. I was buying two and my friend was buying me one for a present.