Monday, May 3, 2010

Off Visiting

I am in Colfax, Wa near Pullman, home of Western Washington State University visiting twins that are long time friends.  One has a daughter that is graduating from Vet school.  I have come to lend a hand for the graduation celebration. 

While Mister T and I are here, the new Dr. Emily is going to check out Mister T’s healing and take out his stitches.  He seems to be doing quite well although really wants to lick where the stitches are.  He is a bit out of place here because there is a Collie puppy and an older Schnauzer. Mister T is very shy especially after his traumatic experience being bitten almost to death last week and is not leaving my lap for a moment.  It is a bit trying but I think he might have a touch of PTSS.  I think I would if I had gone through what he did.  I am feeling blessed he made it through the event.

I have to admit that I am embarrassed.  I wrote down the wrong date and showed up a week early!  Can you imagine how I felt?  It is an eight hour drive over so not one to repeat again next week.  My friends were gracious enough to welcome me for an extended stay.

The lay of the land is so vastly different from the side of the Cascades that I am from.  It is rolling hills of brown and green on which the farmers grow red wheat for bread and grass for animal feed.  Right now there is a lot of tilling going on and every once in a while there is a storm of amber dirt where a farmer is tilling the land.  It is amazing how they are able to drive the large cultivator/Tillers up and down the mounds and create such straight lines.  I can just imagine this as ideal country for crop circles.

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