Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh My Aching Back

Today was the day to fill the new garden boxes.  I went to the dirt store and bought a yard of mushroom compost.  There is a large mushroom factory locally so good compost is easy to get.  One yard costs $19.50 which is up from $18 two years ago.  For those of you that have never bought compost a yard fills the back of a large pick up truck.  I don't know what it weighs but it is very heavy.  The truck actually sways when they load it with a full load of a bulldozer.

I started out fresh.  I had a new wheel on the wheel barrel and three different shoves to try out.  I picked the shovel with the full size blade and went to work.  It took 6 full loads of compost to fill a garden box and actually one more load could have been dumped in.  I did the first garden box alone before the local teen age garden stud came to lend me a hand. I call him my garden boy toy.  Gee I never thought I would be a Cougar but I think I qualify now.  BT took the shovel away and said it was a one man job.  I have to admit I worked faster than he did, had less company drive by, took less cell phone calls, had less breaks, drank less water and went to the loo less.  But I have to admit I know I am really tired and am wondering how he is feeling!

We got 5 garden boxes filled in three hours and there is a wee bit left over in the truck.  I will be out there tomorrow to top off all the boxes with the leftover compost IF I am able to move.  My low back feels like I moved it all.  BT did most of the heavy lifting and I did the spreading.  In between loads I weeded around the yard.  I know I accomplished a lot because there are piles of weeds everywhere which will have to be collected and swept up into my compost pile.  Where do the weeds come from?  I really try to keep up with them, they are not welcome,  they are not wanted so why do they come back?

I am off to a hot hot bath with epsom salts. Hmmm, wonder where I could get  a massage?

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