Friday, March 5, 2010

The Swallows are Coming, The Swallows are Coming!

A residence of the Swooper Family

Any day now the Swallows will be here to entertain me and move back into their summer homes.  I am watching for them and will document the day they arrive.  I did some research on my friends and wrote an article that I recommend you read.  Return of the Swallows has been posted and will tell you a lot more about these fascinating birds.
I have named the swallow family the Swooper Family.  It is such a fitting name because that is how they spend their day, swooping to catch bugs.  They also will swoop me when I get near their homes and the babies have been born.  They never hit me but they do swoop and come close.  I do think they know who I am and it is part of their greeting.

So please go and learn more about the barn swallows.  This Barn Swallow article is really interesting.


2 Tramps said...

When we lived in the Willamette valley, we, too, had a resident family of swallows. One of their babies fell out of the nesting box and we were able to pick it up with a paper towel (to avoid scent) and return it safely to the nest. The parents were very calm and always allowed us to get quite close to them.

Ours always arrived at the same time every year - to the very day -just four days after they swarmed Capistrano. Enjoy your feathered friends!

Frugal Canner said...

Lovely story. Someone wrote to me and told me March 19th is the day in Capistrano that the swallows are celebrated. I am anxious to see what date they show up this year. I have also read the swallows are being affected by Montasano's treatment of seeds and the manufacturingju8u8juj8ju8 of Roundup. Please don't buy that stuff!

Cozy Little House said...

I'm wondering if we don't get these birds in my region? East Texas. I will be watching and hoping you get a pic of them.

Anonymous said...
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