Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mom and I are back from our trip down the Oregon Coast.  If you have not done this trip, please go do it.  The actual mileage is 366 but of course you will want to stop at all the parks and light houses along the way which will add a few more miles.

We kept going a wee bit and toured the California Redwood Forrest as well.  The trees are simply majestic and it is difficult to believe so many of them have survived so long.  A great demonstration of the persistence of nature.

We then drove to Grants Pass and spent the night to prepare for the final leg of the journey north on Interstate 5.  It took about 5 hours to do but then my foot hit the petal to the metal and I was doing 80 mph a great deal of the time and we did not stop for lunch.

It felt good to get home to Mister T and Tinker both of whom missed their Mommies and were very glad to see us.

Now it is time to do some serious gardening and cleaning up outdoors (ok indoors too).  I thought of many projects while driving like painting the large bird condo white and cleaning it so the wasps won't return (this might be too late because I saw some yesterday), repaint the bench out front, plant some pots for the patio, power wash the patio and Mom's too, build the rest of the garden boxes, clean out the rocks and go get some top soil mixed with mushroom compost.  Be sure to read my article warning about peat moss at Associated Content.  Seems peat moss is not a sustainable commodity and using so much of it is doing great damage to the areas where it is removed from and having a huge impact on the carbon footprint.  Use compost you make yourself instead.

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Cozy Little House said...

Never bought peat moss I don't think. Now I know not to! Glad you had a great trip!