Monday, March 29, 2010

Antiquing in Florence, Oregon

While in Florence, Oregon I stopped in to see a really cute vintage antique shop called Cafe Mon Ami. I took some pictures you can view at Mon Ami Cafe.

My favorite item was a tea cozy that was so colorful and whimsical that I had to have it.  I spent $10 and they threw in the tea pot (it was chipped around the sprout).  It is made from a synthetic yarn that is quite stretchy.  If you know what the yarn is called, I would like to know.

I also bought a great book while I was away.  Books are some of my favorite things and buying a book while on vacation is more fun for me than any souvenir.  In Cannon Beach I found a great yarn shop.  I was tempted by a felting book or a book on crocheting flowers.  I chose the later.    When I get some flowers completed I will share them with you. 


Commonweeder said...

BJ sent me to your blog which I love - especially the tea cosy. Irresistible. Books are one of my favorite souvenirs. For my 60th birthday we took a train up the coast from Camarillo to Seattle. Wonderful trip!

Katidids said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and a gew great finds! Cant wait to see the flowers!