Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DIY Headband Crafts

Felt Rose Bud Headband

My little neighbor Haylee wanted me to make her some headbands. She was so excited with them that she told me she wanted to sell some to her friends so we have gone into business!  I do headband production and she does the marketing and sales.

We decided Haylee should think Chocolate when she models!

I wrote a do it yourself article which can be found at Associated Content DIY Headbands.  Please click on it and learn how to make these charming headbands for the little girl in your life or the little girl in you.  I have made a set for myself and am getting rave reviews in the grocery store!

I will let you in on a little secret I discovered today.  Super glue works very well to secure the yoyo's to the headband and holds them better than sewing them on.  I discovered this technique when I was making one quickly for Haylee to wear to her Brownie meeting tonight.  We went to Joannes Fabric the other day and she picked out a piece of material that she felt matched her uniform.  I agree she did a fabulous job and did not pick out the one I expected her to choose.  She has a good eye and one that reflects her love of "old things".  Ha maybe that is why she loves me!