Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yard Sale-ing Today

Now that spring is thinking about getting serious I am getting the first twinges of Yard Sale-itis.  I have a chronic case of this disease and there is no cure except to indulge in it.  I am about to go and pick up Mom and drag her around with me.  She loves to look for plastic flower arrangements.  Now I am not a fan of artificial flower arrangements but she does find some pretty ones and she has not stooped to putting plastic tulips in her window boxes.

Today I will be looking for some sewing materials.  I want to find needles most of all.  I seem to make them disappear.  I am glad Mister T is not finding them for me in his paws.  Did I say paws?  I meant his cute little black hands...sorry Mister T I know you think you are my little baby!

When I go yard sale-ing I never know what I will find and that is the fun part.  So off to get dressed warmly.  There was a hard frost last night and I will have to scrape off the windshield of my car.  I will leave with a cup of coffee and determination to find something fabulous.  Hopefully it will warm up to into the 50's again today and I can work in the yard later on.

Woo Whoo just got back and I purchased a large pile of silver plated silverware, a new set of heart shaped ice cube trays (in the package), Revere Ware tea kettle, pyrex mixing bowl, set of flannel queen size sheets, vintage pot holder maker in the original box form the 50's, hand tools for the garden, two sets of plastic hanging bags for plants and a plastic box full of colored round glass pieces.  I spent six dollars all together!  (I had already put away the bowl and the tea kettle when I took these pictures...sorry) The most expensive thing I bought was another cup of coffee.  Mom tried to buy a large bouquet of hydrangea flowers but the lady said they were .ere not for sale.  Hate it when they have stuff in the garage right next to the stuff on sale without marking it Not For Sale.

 Lots of people were out yard sale-ing today. Were you out there?

Let me know if you go to any yard sales and find anything good.  I love a good treasure story!


Anonymous said...

you are making me jealous - yard saling already. was the pot holder one of those looms where you use fabric loop, I loved those.
Miss Rowley

Anonymous said...

I always thought that yard sales were just a means of getting rid of ones junk as an excuse for not taking a trip to the local dump. How wrong I have been. My daughter has started to pick me up on saturday mornings with a list of the local sales in hand. Off we go with my handful of coins to barter with. I have found that it's better to bargain with the men as the women have their prices far too high. So I must admit that I have been biten by the yard sale bug.