Monday, February 22, 2010

A Bit of Self Promotion

I have a new hobby and it is writing short articles for Associated Content.  Yes, I get paid about two dollars and change for each submission that is published.  I am not going to get rich.  Think about it.  If I write 30 articles a month I will earn a whopping $15-$20!  I am excited because it is giving me another outlet for my creative side.

So I have set a goal for myself to reach 50,000 views in three months!  If each of you would take a moment out of your very busy schedule and click on a couple of the articles or slideshows I would be able to reach my Olympic style goal.  You don't even have to read them.  You simply have to go to the webpage and click on the title.  The article or slideshow will appear.  Read if you wish and leave a comment if you wish so I know you were there.

I will have a wonderful gift for the person that leaves me the most comments by April Fool's Day!

This week there will be about 15 new articles published.  I submit articles and the Associated Content staff review them.  It takes a few days before an article is published and posted.  That is the hard part for me...the waiting game.  I have already had over 1,600 views since the first week in January so I am on my way.  I am going to focus like Ono and not see failure (isn't he just soooo cute!  I want to give him a big hug and smooch).  Please help me reach my goal by clicking on  Associated Content or going to the Associated Content links on the left hand side of this blog.  There you can go directly to an article.  I have a million more ideas to write about and just can't get my fingers moving fast enough to keep up or my camera snapping quickly enough to make more slideshows.  I would like to do a slideshow series about my antiques and my birdhouse collection.  The ideas are endless.

So please enjoy an article or two or if you are really moved click on all of them and help me reach my goal.  I guess this is a team sport because without your help we will not reach our goal.  Go Team Frugal Canning!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may be stand on the riser soon and receive our gold medal!


Bethany said...

Just had to comment on your remark about Apollo Anton Ohno... Today my mom said wistfully that if only one of her daughters had met him because she'd so love to have him for a son in law.

I found that hilarious. And pretty complimentary too, to consider she'd think I had a chance. (Though she probably had my prettier middle sister in mind, lol)

Good luck with your AC views. It sure is fun writing articles for them, isn't it?

The Frugal Fraulein said...

Thanks for coming over here to the blog side from the AC side! Yes I just want o scoop up Anton and smooch the heck out of him. I think he will have a great career after the Olympics and I will be interested in following his career. Wonder what he will end up doing?

Anonymous said...

Love reading your articles Keep up the good work!