Friday, February 26, 2010

Pssst Did You Know?

Here are some frugal ideas and interesting facts:
  1. Thread spools are called cotton reels
  2. My favorite soup at The Olive Garden is Zuppa Toscana.  Here is the recipe.  Yum Yum
  3. Dehydrated watermelon tastes like sweet candy.
  4. Stale bread can be ground up in the food processor and used for bread crumbs.  Sour dough bread is really good as bread crumbs in meatloaf and meatballs.
  5. The best defoliating method is rubbing your hands, feet, elbows, knees (whatever) with vegetable oil and a teaspoon of sugar.  Awesome treatment for gardeners hands.  It will get the dirt out of the cracks of your hands or will remove odors like fish from your hands.  You will end up with skin smooth like a baby's bottom (that is a good thing you know).
  6. BPA could be leaking into your food from plastic containers especially when you use them in the microwave oven.  Begin to collect glass containers at yard sales this summer and move out the plastic.
  7. Going to sleep in a completely darkened room will allow you to fall asleep 6 minutes faster than a room with even a small amount of lights.  Turn off those LED lights, cover those alarm clocks and pull down the shades.
  8. Note: If you are in your auto and need help, do not always believe that an unmarked car with a flashing light is
    the police. Using your cell phone to contact a police dispatcher (as advised in the email) is also an option, but
    be aware that the "dial #77" or "dial *77" option does not work in every state. If you aren't sure, dial 911 instead. (Contact your local/state police or the American Automobile Association for specific information about emergency cell phone numbers in your area.)
  9. From Consumer Reports I learned:
    1. Sometimes reading junk mail can give you good tips and information...he he he
    2. Longer cooking oatmeal tastes better than the instant quick cook varieties.
    3. White Cloud toilet paper was less than half the price of Cottenelle and a family of three could save roughly $130 a year using it.
    4. Reduce car insurance by dropping collision coverage on a car over 10 years old.  The car is usually worth a little more than the deductible.
    5. Don't bother buying extended warranties on electronic products
    6. Quartz was found to be the best kitchen counter top material.  It excelled at stain and resistance and is available in vibrant colors and colors that mimic natural stone.
    7. Lower grades of paint do not cover as well as premium paints.  A premium paint may require two coats but a lesser grade paint may need even more coats to cover.
    8. Always check the paint counter for reduced prices and good deal on paint that has been returned to the store.  Often you can find paint to use for a project for pennies on the dollar.
    9. For most food the expiration date indicates the last day the food should be eaten .  Eggs are an exception:  Federally graded fresh eggs in their shells are safe for three to five weeks after the expiration date on the carton as long as you keep them refrigerated.
    10. Do buy some organic produce including apples, bell peppers, nectarines and strawberries.  But if the cost is an issue you can save money by not buying organic bananas, citrus fruits and onions whose skins or outer leaves are not eaten.
    11. The temperature of your coffee maker's water will affect the taste of the coffee.  The hotter the water the stronger and less bitter the brew.
    12. Never negotiate a new car's price based on the monthly payment.  It gives the salesman a chance to spoil a good deal on a new car with a bad deal on your trade-in or loan.  Negotiate each separately and focus on getting a firm quote based on the car's price not monthly payment.
    13. Don't bother buying premium gas when your car specifies regular.  It won't go faster or operate more efficiently - and it's about 20 cents more per gallon.
    14. Clean bird dodo off your car with seltzer water.


Anonymous said...

Interesting facts! I learn something new every day!

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