Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frugal Senior Information

I have been researching Senior Discounts lately.  It seems reaching the ripe age of 55 has it's advantages after all. I think everyone that turns 55 should get one of these hats! We made it this far by gum we should get a discount!  I personally never have been offended if a young sales person offered me the discount even before my 55th birthday but then I always looked at it as a few cents in my pocket and not a reflection of how I looked with my grey hair.

Today I called the local Outlet Mall in Centralia, WA and found out that on Tuesdays they offer an additional 10% off all items in their stores.   I like to go shopping there once in a while especially because they carry a line of shoes that I find comfortable.  Easy Spirits come in wide sizes and I refuse to wear shoes that are too narrow just to be a Fashionista ever again.  So now I can get an additional 10% off and that is a frugal good thing!  Here is the link to the Outlet in case you are in the area  

Most malls have web sites where their senior deals can be found, but don’t assume that a mall doesn’t have a senior discount program just because it is not stated on its site. Call the customer service desk or inquire at the main office next time you visit. Some stores in a mall may offer senior discounts even if the mall does not have a senior discount program in place.

Two of the largest chains of outlet malls that offer a senior discount are the Premium Outlet Malls and Mills Outlet Malls.

Premium Outlet Malls, with over 40 locations in 25 states, provides a 50-Plus Shopper Club available. Shoppers 50 and older receive an added 10% savings on Tuesdays by simply presenting photo identification to the cashier at participating stores.

The Mills Outlet Malls, with 40 locations in more than 20 states, provides senior discounts at many of its outlet locations. There is no formal program and not all malls participate, but many offer a 10% discount on Tuesdays at participating stores.

Another chain of outlet malls. Craig Realty Group, which operates 12 outlet malls in the United States, provides senior discounts days at most of its locations. Discount days are usually on Tuesdays and are good for shoppers 55 or 60 years of age and older depending on the outlet. Discounts are usually 10% off at select stores within the outlet centers.

Shopko offers a 15% discount one day a week.  Check the link to see what day your local Shopko offers this discount.  15% with a sale is awesome.

Kohls offers a 10-15% discount.  Check this link to see what day it will be  Kohls 

TacoTime locations in Washington provide a 10% discount to customers 55 and older every day. SeniorDiscounts is still confirming that the discount is available at other locations in the US. Please check with other locations as its participation, discount amount and age requirement may vary. TacoTime is an upscale quick service restaurant chain that specializes in freshly prepared, home-style Mexican food

Super Cuts offers a $2.00 off adult haircuts any day of the week.

Oh No, is this what I am turning into????

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