Monday, February 15, 2010

New Articles

Please check out the new articles I have written that were published by Associated Content.  There is a link on the left hand side of the blog for easy access.  One is sweet about Mister T and one is about being a yard sale addict which of course I am!  I did go to one estate sale over the weekend and found a 1960's pamphlet on emergency preparedness which was kinda of neat.  Of course they gave it to me for free so I was tickled pink.

A friend came down from Canada on his way to an event and brought the most delicious stuffed pork loin chops.  They were stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and a feta cheese mix. I will have to try making up a mix like that and making them again because they were soooo tasty.  It could have been the wine that helped too I suppose.  Woo hoo happy Valentine's Day surprise.

Today we are going to the local Casino to have the breakfast buffet and maybe gamble a little bit. He is very lucky at the tables and I will squeeze out a $10 bill and play the slots.  Something a bit different to do and a change of pace for me.  Then I will be home to contact the winner's of the Valentine's Day giveaway and get their presents off in the mail.  Have a great day!

P.S.  Just came home with an extra $78.48 in my pocket!!!!!  I had a lovely breakfast (actually ate too much) and won my money on slot machines.  I am thrilled.  I put my winnings directly in my canning jar that is holding the Save $2010 in 2010 Fund.  That jar is beginning to feel heavy.  Another friend gave me a piggy bank she has had since High School yesterday. I am going to put the coins in the bank to feed the piggy. I will lock up the bills in my little safe.  I purchased a $25 safe from Harbor Freight a couple of years ago and bolted it to the floor.  It gives me the illusion I am fabulously wealthy.  So Be It!

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Katidids said...

Yeah YOU!! We wentto the casino a few yearsago, I said ok, I cn throw $10.away...Came out $50.00 ahead and stopped. I wasn't about to give it all back!