Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning the Coupon Language

I have been struggling to understand the acronyms used when describing coupons and how to combine them for the best deals.   Frugal Living NW posted a very helpful list that I would like to share with you .  I really appreciate this website and am learning how to save money.  I am finding the more I learn the easier it is getting and the more profitable.  I found some Tortino's pizzas for .75 last night at Albertson's.  While I might not be a fan of store bought pizza, I know some families would benefit from this sale.  There was actually a man loading up his cart with 20 boxes of the pizzas.  I asked him what he was going to do with them all and he said he was going to throw a party for the basketball team he coached.  For $15 he can provide them with a treat.

What does _____ mean?
Acronyms and Definitions:
blinkie – in-store manufacturer’s coupon near the product, usually from a red blinking box
BOGO – buy one, get one free
Catalina (cat) — coupon you get with your receipt at the register; usually triggered by a specific item that you purchased
double – store “coupon” that doubles manufacturer’s coupon value
DND – do not double
FAR – free after rebate
filler – item purchased for the sole purpose of making a deal work
GM – General Mills Sunday coupon insert packet
IP – internet printable coupon
loss leader — item that a store puts on a fantastic sale, usually losing money on it, in hopes that while you’re in store buying the item, you will buy the rest of your shopping list there
NLA – no longer available
OOP – out of pocket
overage – the amount of money made on buying an item (profit)
OYNO – on your next order
P&G — Proctor & Gamble Sunday coupon insert packet
peelie – coupon attached to an item that you can peel off & use immediately
rolling – using a CAT or RR to pay for an item that produces a CAT or RR
RP – Red Plum Sunday coupon insert packet
RR – Register Rewards (Walgreen’s catalina)
Single Check — Rite Aid’s rebate program
SS – SmartSource Sunday insert packet
stacking – using a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on one item
tearpad – pad of coupons next to an item in the store
– Unilever Sunday coupon insert packet
WYB – when you buy
YMMV – your mileage may vary (success of the attempt may vary at your store)
    What does 11/29 P&G insert mean?
    It refers to the P&G insert released in the November 29th Sunday paper. You can find the date on the spine of each insert pack. Same goes for Red Plum (RP), SmartSource (SS), General Mills (GM) and Unilever (U).
    Thanks Frugal Living NW!!

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