Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oprah on Food Inc.

 Oprah Winfrey had Michael Pollan , a food expert who has studied food for over 20 years on her today.  Pollan was responsible for the documentary Food Inc. .  Great minds run on the same track!  I am thrilled I wrote about this amazing enlightening movie just the other day.  Here are some things I heard on today’s show.

  • Do you know where your food is coming from? 
  • Did you know there are only 7 main slaughterhouses now in the United States? 
  • Did you know that pound of hamburger could have parts from thousands of cattle in it? 
  • Did you know chickens have been genetically redesigned to have large breasts because Americans like breast meat more than dark meat? 
  • Did you know seven weeks a chicken can weight 5 12 lbs but are unable to walk because their inner organs and legs have not developed enough to carry the weight?  These are not the same chickens our Grandmothers cooked on Sunday for dinner.

Why do we support the feedlot system of growing animals for food?  Why do we continue to buy food with antibiotics, hormones and steroids when we know they are present in our food? How do we feed America without mass producing food?
We can’t afford to eat healthier.  It is cheaper to buy fast food due to federal subsidy policies and programs.  Some Americans can not afford to buy healthy food and resort to making less expensive choices.  While the cost of less healthy food has decreased in the past 10 years the cost of healthcare has increased dramatically. 

The consumer is the biggest voice.  We vote with our forks and vote three times a day with each meal we eat!  We can vote with consciousness bt making better choices at the store and WE CAN change the food plight we are in!  

If you go to the link I have supplied above and order Food Inc. before midnight Friday it will cost only $9.99 (63% off the regular price).  Please go and purchase this film and share it with everyone you know.  Michael Pollan's other books are all must reads!

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