Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Marmalade Canning Class

My blogging friend at Thrifty Coupon Deals has just posted mention of my canning classes.  What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for the advertisement and a big frugal welcome to new readers!  I love reading the Thrift Coupon Deals and finding new ways to save money and be frugal. There is a wealth of information provided in the archieves and well worth the time to fish around a bit!  I recommend you all sign up for the free newsletter.  If you have not met me, free is my favorite word.

This year, in 2010, I am focusing on shopping locally and buying goods that are in season .  To go along with this theme I face the challenge of living in the Pacific Northwest and being somewhat limited by our growing season. 

During months when crops are limited I will refer to the United States's seasonable produce list .  For example, in January the citrus crop is being harvested.  Oranges, grapefruit and lemons are available and affordable.  Since there is a shift in weather and the Florida orchards are being affected there could be in higher citrus costs for the rest of the year.  Also California is being challenged by insuffiicient water resources and therefore some farmers are cutting down orchards.  We will feel it not only in citrus but in the price of nuts.  A wise person would learn to can.  When produce is available and affordable put some up and prepare for leaner times.

I will now be offering monthly canning classes based on seasonable produce.  I will share a wealth of canning, food preservation and frugal tips with humor and love.  Don't miss this opportunity!

Announcing  January Marmalade Canning Class

The class will cover the basics of hot water bath canning making marmalade.  Each participant will go home with a jar of marmalade!  The cost of the class includes all equipment and materials.  The class will be approximately three hours and will include hands on participation.

Canning experience not required.  All ages and genders welcome!

Saturday January 23rd at 10 am  6-8 participants
Wednesday January 27th at 6 pm   6-8 participants
Cost $30.  Paid pre-registration only. No refunds.
Olympia, Washington

Special Offer:  If you register 5 pre-paid participants your registration will be free.  Now that is a frugal deal. 

If you would like to plan a canning party call me.  Birthdays, anniversaries, girls night out, Mother's Day, Father's Day can all be more special and memorable with a canning party.  Learn something new and take the goodies home.  Will provide classes in my home or yours.  Large classes or specialty classes available too.

Call 360-705-9818 to register or ask questions.  Come do the Can Can with The Frugal Fraulein.

"If it isn't moving, I will can it!"

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WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

What a great opportunity for people in your neck of the woods! Texas is a little too far away for me to be able to attend but I sure would if I could. Have you thought of advertising to local ladies' church groups? The ladies groups at the churches I've been involved with would love a class like that!

ps I have never gotten that email from you. Don't know if you tried to send it and it bounced back or if you lost the address. But if you still want to email me, my address is