Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter in Marblehead

This lovely picture was taken early one morning by a firefighter coming off his shift.  The picture was printed on the front page of the local paper this week in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The brown house on the left is my family home that was built in 1693 and called the Walters House.  It still surprises me when the house appears in print although I know it is a well known view.  The yellow building is called The Old Town House and was built to be the town hall.  It served as the meeting place for men going off to the Civil War and World Wars and today is still used for meetings. 
As a child I could see into the upper floor where Civil War and town memorabilia is stored. My brother and I liked to shine flashlights into the windows at night to see what we could identify.  Of course we were convinced we would see people walking around up there. Who knows?  Maybe we did.
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What a picture!!! I'm really not anonymous but I can't get my google account to work - Marge