Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grocery Savings Tracker

Free Savings Tracker

To go along with the Pantry Challenge, this free savings tracker is just what I need!  It allows you via an Excel file to keep track of how much you spend and save with coupons, store deals and more.  It seems very easy and straight forward.  Go take a look and give it a try!  Download free by clicking the link above.
A special thanks to The Coupon Project  (sounds like a Tom Cruise movie title) for doing the work to create this file and kudos for offering it as a free download.


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This looks very interesting - may have to try it.

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Grocery Alerts Canada said...

We also have a coupon tracker that is different - it uses Facebook and you can use it on your PC or mobile phone - it actually has over 500 stores to choose from to save typing. You can publish on your blog or Facebook how much you have saved with coupons!

We have over 1,000 users using it daily!

You can even export your coupon savings to Excel.