Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fishing Hole

Fishing Hole is going to be a weekly post on sites I have visited and think worthy of sharing with you. I do a lot of fishing around on the internet reading new things and looking for more information and am amazed what I find. I usually save sites by putting them on my favorites list and I thought possibly I could help someone save time by sharing my research. Happy clicking!

Canning Dried Beans
1. This is a great time of year to can your own dried beans.  Canning dried beans saves time and money.  Dried beans are very inexpensive especially if you buy them in bulk.  Spending an evening with the pressure canner results in jars full of beans ready to use in casseroles, salads, soups and ethnic dishes.  This question and answer site has great suggestions and can be used to research other topics.  Canning Dried Bean Questions and Answers  There are forums on: Seed Saving, Vegetables, Herbs, Herbalism and  Recipe Exchange. Also check out my posting on canning dried beans.  Canning Dried Beans 
2. State Extension Service sites are a great place to find tested recipes.  A tested recipe means the ph level has been evaluated and the correct cooking time and necessary pressure has been identified. This is the Michigan State Extension Service site with more information on canning dried beans Dried Beans with Tomato Sauce or Molasses
3. This site has lots of canning recipes including this one on Quick Cooking Dried Beans I used to dry cook my dried beans by putting them in the jar, adding water and processing but now after reading these sites I do soak them first.  My first method worked but sometimes they were a little el dente even for me.  A great tip is to can some dried beans when you are pressure canning and do not have a full load.  Be sure the canning time and pressure is the same as required by beans.
4. Here is a great 4 bean salad canning recipe which uses dried beans and garden beans. Bean Conundrum
5. Pick Your Own is one of my favorite and most trusted sites.  You can locate local farms to get fresh produce then come home and preserve it using their guides.  I love the picture tutorials and find this the best site to recommend to beginners.  Make sure you save this site!
6. The Beginning Farmers Wife did a great job of describing her process canning pinto beans.Canning Pinto Beans
7. The Foodie Blog Roll  has also been added to my blog.  They offer a huge assortment of food related blogs.  Frugal Canning will soon be seen as a site to visit!
8. Improving Legume Digestibility psted by Sense and Sensibility gives great advice to preparing legumes that are easier to consume for those with gastric challanges.

If you find similar sites please email me the links so they can be added to the list  Email:   Thanks!


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More on canned beans,

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Thanks for the great post. We are going to be canning beans here for the first time in the near furture and really appreciate all the helpful information.

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