Friday, August 21, 2009

Canning Tips

My friend Peggy invited me to an LDS women's night where they were going to demonstrate canning dried beans. I was thrilled to be included and very happy of the graciousness of the group to allow someone to join them. The hostess, Judith, did a great job and it is clear she has lots of canning experience and lives what she teaches. She also dries many plants and herbs and makes tinctures for her family.

Here are some of Judith's tips:
1. After canning jars have been cleaned and steralized, place them open end down to reduce the amount of dust that can get in the jars. It seems Washington has the highest amount of botulism in the ground in the country. Always wash produce carefully.
2. When using a new box of canning jars she throws away the lids if they are stuck on the jars. Boxes are stored in hot warehouses and the lids can soften enough to secure to the jars. These lids when pulled off might not seal when canning. It is not safe to reuse lids.
3. Save plastic mayonaise jar lids. They screw on canning jars and are good for storing leftovers.
4. Do not use aluminum Victoria Strainers when processing tomatoes. Aluminum will change tomato flavor. The plastic ones are fine.
5. A good trick to prevent lemon seeds from getting into the bowl while squeezing out juice is to put lemon half inside a clean twoel and squeeze. Seeds are trapped in the towel. Judith saw this trick used by a waiter while on vacation in France.
6. To reduce gas when eatting beans chew fennel seeds before dinner. More natural than Beano and much less costly!
7. Swishing your mouth with a tea infusion made from White Oak will improve peridontal disease and make those 4 and 5 gum space scores go to 2 and 3's. Will save money on dental bills too...cha ching cha ching.

8. This is a bean masher from Mexico. I had never seen one and certainly would like to have one
9. Do you know why garbanzo beans are sometimes called chick peas? If you do please leave a momment. I will give you the answer later! Let's see how many people know the answer to this question. (I admit I did not know and had wondered what the difference was between garbanzo beans and chick peas)


Serina Tustin said...

Have no clue why? I never really thought about it.

Serina Tustin said...

Oh, I love the photo of the quilt.

Frugal Fraulein said...

Garbanzo beans are also called chick peas because when they are cooked the broth has a chicken like aroma hence chick peas.

mangocheeks said...

That is a beautiful and inspirational photo of the quilt. Thank you so much for sharing.

I think chick peas are called so because their leaves look a bit like chick weed.

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