Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Q & A

If you have a canning question please send it to me via the comment link at the bottom of the site.  I will research and answer or refer you to another site so that everyone can benefit from the question and answer!


Jane said...

Do you have a fabulous spiced apples to can. I've looked on line and can only find things with red hots in them, what is up with that. I'm in the mid west now and they don't like giving up there recipes.

Other then that keep up the great site. I need to get my list of "want" to do that might be more time consuming!

Okay then how what has been the recipe that has been the most time consuming? For me (and I haven't done it yet) making my own bacon (which I do) and then I want to can it. Intersting yes?

Frugal Fraulein said...

wow canned bacon that you make yourself. You go girl. Were they your little piggys?
I will find you a recipe for spiced apples and will get it off to you. I apologize I have been working 12 hour days this week and am too bushed at night to blog. I will get back to you when the 5 day shift is over.
Hmm most time consuming ...well so far in my canning experience it would be the tuna I canned. It cooked for 100 minutes so I had to watch the pressure canner the whole time.

Jane said...

FF, no I could never kill a pet. We live in the city I go to the farmers market and order then it's there the next week. He's nice and easy to do business with.

The tuna is a lot of work but boy it's sure is exciting to get it out of the canner isn't it.

I understand about working so much. I work week ends and my 2 days off a split then I have a part time job....what days off?

Jane said...

I have another question. Hope you don't mind. I like seeing what other people say, over what I say. Okay when buying your first pressure canner what size do you recommend? Here is what I tell my co workers: start witha 16 quart cause if you really love it, it's not going to be your last. I always ask if they have a gas stove or glass top. For gas I tell them to get the All American (I think it's called) I have a glass top so it's Presto. At least I can still pressure can. I have a 16 quart and asking for the next size up for the holiday. It's as big as I can go with glass.

Frugal Fraulein said...

I recommend a Presto because it is affordable and lightweight. If someone is going to can for a large family and get serious about canning then make the investment for an All American. I suggest if you have a glass top stove you consider canning outdoors. Check out my blog from August on outdoor canning. Keep the questions coming. I have a blog coming on Pressure cookers that I will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello,My wife & I freeze more than we can but my question would be for both.Is there an easy way to get the silk out of the kernals of corn.That job is the most time consuming part of putting up corn.Thanks Dennis.

Frugal Canner said...

I use a clean Wet wash cloth to rub the corn ears when I am doing alot of corn at one time.