Monday, September 7, 2009

New Recommended Blog Sites

I would like to recommend two more Blogs.  The first is Simply Canning.  Sharon does an excellent job writing about all aspects of canning and has a great Q and A section (that I hope to one day create on my site.  Modeling is a high form of complement in my book!).  Please go check out her site and I guarantee you will learn something new.  I know I did.
The other Blog is one I have watched for a couple of years.  The Survivalist  covers many subjects that have to do with survival and preparedness.  It may be a little radical  for some folks but between the articles on guns and making smoke bombs there are tips on food storage, preparedness and homesteading.  Give it a try.  I am going to write and article for The Survivalist and be posted as a guest author!!
Both of these sites have a weekly or daily feature that sends emails announcing what is new.  I like this feature and am looking into adding it to my blog as well.  You can scan the email and decide if you want to open it now or save for later.
I am interested if any of you have suggestions or items you would like me to address.  Please leave a comment.  To leave a comment just hover your mouse over the word comment below each article and click.  A window will open in which you can post your comment.  Thanks everyone for humoring my canning alter ego and giving me feedback.  FF

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