Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Bank Canning Class

This week I joined a Time Bank. What is a Time Bank you may ask? It is an opportunity for people within a community to share talent, skills and some times just an extra pair of hands in exchange for the same. The basic concept is we all have skills and value.

I offered to give a beginners canning class. I usually charge $50 per person for a six hour class in which I provide all the supplies. For the Time Bank I offered a two hour class, I would provide all the equipment and conduct the class at my home. The Time Bank members who participated gave me in exchange 2 hours of banked time and $5 to cover the costs of the produce and propane. I now have 14 hours of time in my account!

Six people attended. Some had canned a little and some had more experience. They all had hands on practice and put up 24 pints of peaches canned in fruit juice. I rattled on with canning information and instructions while we all pitched in and canned together. The class ended up with a shared bottle of wine and a toast to peaches. I believe it was a win win situation for all. My costs were covered, I met new people who have different skills to offer me or will help me with some projects and they took home the canned peaches and a head swimming with canning lore.

It was such a good time I believe we will offer another class on pressure canning, making pickles or canning one pot meals at some time in the future. Hopefully someone else in the Time Bank will offer other classes and we can learn from each other.

Have any of you heard of Time Banks in your areas? I am interested in your stories and experience.

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