Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heat Wave Continues

Since the heat wave is predicted to go on a few more days I am sitting in front of two fans and reading other people's blogs. The fans feel like hair blowers but at least the air is moving. Poor Mister T just doesn't know what to do with himself. I keep giving him ice water and have kept him inside all day with me. Poor fella has now fallen asleep on the couch. Usually he is in my lap but not tonight!

I have found a few blogs worthy of recommending. The first two are written by a woman named Serina from Arkansas. She amazes me in that she has time to hold a job, be a mom and wife, write two blogs and can, can, can. The blogs are beautiful and I told her when mine grows up I would like them to be just like hers. She is an inspiration to me for sure. She also does classes on saving money at the grocery store. If AK wasn't so far away I would surely go and take the class. Please visit these two sites

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Serina Tustin said...

Wow, Thank you so much for the compliments, write up and the links to my blogs. (Your making be blush again.) I am so glad that what I journal/blog is an inspiration to others. I so enjoy helping, teaching, and inspiring others. Life is too short not to care and share. I am thankful that I had a mother and grandmothers who share(d) their knowledge, wisdom, and cooking expertise with me even though they could certianly run circles around me on any given day. And that the Lord sees it fit enough for me to pass along to my own children and others.
Oh, and by the way you background is looking good too.