Friday, July 31, 2009

Food Storage DVD

Since you read my blog you are either aware that it is time to take food storage seriously or you have taken canning up as a hobby. Congratulations on both scenarios! Your inner guidance is whispering in your is time to prepare.

The current economy is suffering from years of bad decisions geared to benefit the few while harming the rest of us. Unemployment rates are at their highest in years. Weather patterns are shifting and creating disastrous affects to the US bread basket and potentially your backyard garden. Natural hazards like tornado's, floods, earthquakes, volcano's, tsunamis are statistically on the increase and can occur at any time. It is time for all of us to be like ants and put away food for the coming winter so we do not end up like the grasshopper.

I am not an alarmist but a realist. I have studied the field of preparedness for over 25 years and have observed the subtle changes all forecasted and predicted. I have worked as an Emergency Manager and been on the inside of state planning and discussions on what will happen in disasters. I am telling you the Calvary is not coming. The US government is not equipped to care for all it's citizens. I have been a consultant to businesses and provided employee training on family preparedness. I know of what I speak.

How many days could your family go without a trip to the grocery store?

Did you know that in Switzerland since the cold war they have prepared for their citizens? Bunkers stocked with provisions have been built. Businesses are required to provide for their employees. There is a consciousness of preparedness that has become the norm in Switzerland. People who prepare are not considered survivalists or hoarders. People who don't prepare are considered unusual.

I encourage you all to put up all the food you can. This blog has been created to share some of my experience with canning and gardening. There are many more sources of information out there that duplicate my message. I have decided rather than recreate the wheel to share the best of the sites that I have researched. I will supplement the sites with tips I have come across and have experienced to make your preparedness a smoother process.

This video is simple yet comprehensive. It will provide a step by step tutorial on storing food. Each of you should own this DVD and share it with your family and loved ones. If we learn to be more self sufficient, in the days that are coming we will be able to provide for our families and will survive the challenges that face us.

Please purchase the video, watch it and share it with everyone you know. Follow the banner and you will be directed to a webpage with short videos to view. Again do not be afraid be prepared. When one is educated and prepared they will not be in fear. Fear comes in the absence of knowledge. How knowledgeble are you?

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