Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winco Hits Lacey, WA

A new grocery store has opened in my neck of the woods in Lacey, WA.  Winco is a big box chain that advertises low prices.
Mom and I visited the store on their second day and were met with huge crowds.  In fact you had to stand in a long line for a cart or go scrounge one up in the parking lot just to get in the store.  Mom was unable to get a motorized go cart as they were all taken so we walked slowly through the maze of the store with a printed map handed out at the door.
I have to admit they had some good leaders to get people interested in shopping like bananas for .19, potatoes .68 for 10 lbs and Cheeto crackers .68 a box.  
The fresh food aisles were not too impressive but I am willing to try it again next month to see if the sparsity was due to the large crowd.  I did not see an organic section but did find the bulk item area.  The meat section was large almost too large to take in.  Meat is sold in large packages.  We did get some boneless pork chops that were cut from a loin that were very tasty and inexpensive.
I am interested in whether you have shopped a Winco and what your experiences have been.  I am thinking it would be good for some items like canned goods and packaged goods but fresh items and organic items will have to come from some place else.


2 Tramps said...

We don't have Winco here in the high desert of Oregon but I used to shop at one when we lived in the Willamette Valley. You are correct - the fresh fruit and veggies are not the best price around. To get good meat prices, watch for mark downs - you will learn when the best time is to find them as your store gets it's customer base. You can get some good deals on baking items with the holidays coming up.

Anonymous said...

Most of the organic products they carry will be found in the same area as the regular items. They don't separate all the organic stuff. As for fresh products, I've never had a problem with them, and they stay competitive with most of the other stores in the area.

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Donna said...

We have a Winco and I drive out of my way to shop there. I agree that much of the fruits and vegies are a lower grade than most stores, but if you look them over well you find good ones at about 40% less than Ralphs/Krogers. That is worth it in my book. I LOVE the bulk section especially the spices. I have occasionally found that some of the more expensive nuts smell like they've gone rancid but I told one of the floor people and they went and opened a fresh bag for me. Meat dept is large and well priced and when marked down I buy lots and can, can, can, Today I found celery for 15 cents a bunch and it is in my dehydrator now and turkey and 7% hamburger for great prices marked down and canned it up as taco meat. I am very happy shopping there.

Kathy said...

I do my major shopping there. Do not go at the end or beginning of the month when people get their food stamps - it's madness! I love the bulk foods and take my own zip lock bags so I don't have to use any more plastic than necessary. The produce is usually pretty good and so is the meat and cheese. Give it another try when the novelty wears off. So much cheaper than Safeway Albertson's and Fred Meyer.

Anonymous said...

we have a winco in visalia...prices were good at first until they realized save mart chain was getting a lot more for the same item. now you really have to hunt and watch for good deals

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