Thursday, August 19, 2010

Private Canning Classes

Private canning classes are available in and around Olympia, WA.  Learn to can and be comfortable with your equipment.  Have a private or group class in your home.  If interested please call me at 360-485-7696.

Do you know the difference between high acid and low acid foods and how they must be processed?
Are you afraid of your pressure canner?
Learn to put up the produce in your garden and have safer food for your family.  The differences are remarkable. 

I also can for others.  You supply the produce and jars and I deliver yummy safely filled jars.  Available on a limited basis for canning.  Call me.

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Carole Davids said...

Loved reading over your blog today. I started canning this year. Over the past few months, Ive become more comfortable and interested in canning more of the everyday things my family consumes that are commercially canned. I recently canned bbq chicken. I havent found many resources on line about canning meats. The chicken I did can was very dry. Im wondering if over time it will soften up from being in the jars with the sauce? Can you pass along any good resources for information about canning meats? Right now I am using the ball blue book.