Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Little Darling is Back

The little darling is back!  The deer is back in my yard.  Although my garden is not lush this season he is here anyhow.  Well, I think it is a he.  Whoever he is he is a loner.  But why my yard???  Tonight I looked out and he was eating the apples off my tree.  This morning it was my lilies out front.  I can walk right up to him and tell him to leave and he just looks at me.
I remember last year someone offered to come over and shoot him.  Hmmmm who was that?  I am considering that option.  Now don't think I don't get a kick out of seeing the little deer out there.  I do mind when he threatens Mr. T the dog (sorry T I know you think you are a little man).  The deer walks right up to Mister T who is trying his best to bark him away and tries to stomp him.  That just can't be.  Abby get your gun.

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WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Try your Parks and Wildlife Department, Abby. They would probably capture and relocate the deer to a more suitable habitat. Safer for your garden AND for Mr T!