Monday, August 2, 2010

Cabbage Caper will continue on Tuesday

We had company visiting from back East and I have not had a chance to blog.  I had a really good time going to the WA coastline and getting away from it all.  Odd thing did happen.  My company brought me a gift and it turned out to be a Cuisinart grinder/chopper.  Odd because my food processor died during the cabbage caper and I had to go and get a new one!  Now I have a large one and a small one!
What a manifestation!
I hear the garden has been producing big time and I will receive more goodies to can away with all week this evening.  Am getting all my other errands done today so I will be free to be chained to the stove. Will report in tomorrow with the list of canning duties.
Oh one other tidbit.  Last night I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches only to see on the internet today that it is national ice cream sandwich day!  I must be tuned in to social conscientiousness.  They did taste really good though. 

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