Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhodies and Foxglove

My rhododendrons are up and flowering.  I always think they are so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.  Probably because our soil is so acidy.   Thought I would share a few photos of my three rhodie bushes,

Remember no part of the rhododendron plant is edible.  In fact it has been reported that honey made from rhododendrons made humans sick.  So don't think about canning anything made with parts of the rhododendron or its brother the azalea plant!

The foxglove are up and flowering too!  I remember when I didn't have a single foxglove plant and now they come up everywhere.  A warning about foxglove as well.  They are not edible as they are in the digitalis family. 

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Katidids said...

Beautiful! The heat has taken my rhodies this year, I thik we had blooms for 2 days