Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 12th there will be a boycott BP occuring.  Please avoic the following vendors: BP brands to boycott include Castrol, Arco, Aral, am/pm, Amoco, and Wild Bean Cafe, Safeway gas.


Anne said...

Just found your blog and it is very interesting! Canning is particularly fascinating to me right now and I wish I would have paid more attention to my grandmother and mother's endless sessions.

Boycotting may try to make a point... but really awareness of how much plastics we use and making efforts to minimize using them would be more effective. They drill because WE have created an outrageous demand for their product. We can't go without petroleum products entirely, but some we could easily give up and not miss. Just a thought.

Frugal Canner said...

Anne I totally agree! I once took a one month challenge to not buy anything with plastic for 30 days. It is difficult to purchase anything that does not have a plastic tag or wrapping/packaging. The grocery store was the worst because unless you buy meat from the butcher the meat is even wrapped in plastic. What a lesson!
My thought about BP and gas was that if enough people did boycott then the message would get to the top. I feel bad for the guy that owns the gas station as he is the victim in this scenario.
Somehow we have to let BP know we are not going to stand for their actions or lack of and are holding them accountable. I am open to any ideas.