Sunday, June 27, 2010

It Finally Feels Like Summer

Summer is here finally in the Pacific Northwest.  The weather is warming up and hopefully will inspire me to combat the weeds.  I have been reluctant to go out there and take up arms due to the cool rainy weather.  You would think I was used to it. Actually, I am.  It is just an excuse to use not to get myself motivated.

This morning I let Mr. T out the front door and he went off like a streak of lightning.  Usually that means Midnight the wonder cat from next door is sitting under my car.  No, this morning there was a baby swallow from the Swooper Family on the ground.  I scooped it up before Mr. T did any damage (I hope) and stuffed him back in the bird house.  I am having second thoughts now and hope it really was from that family.  I hope I have not caused mayhem in the birdhouse introducing an interloper.  I will keep my eye out and keep Mr. T in.
You can just catch the little bird's head sticking out of the right hand window.

My pea pods are ready for picking and freezing.  I love to have them on hand to put in stir fry during the winter.  The haul today weighed about ….lbs.

Yesterday I went to visit a couple that have just bought their first house.  They are so excited and I am for them as well.  With the economy and the housing market as it is, they were able to buy a new $400,000 house for around $250,000.  It is huge!  I loved the fact that it had a good sized pantry in the kitchen.  They are on their way to filling the pantry and storing extra food.  If I have not stressed lately that I firmly believe in storing food let me reiterate.  Food and water will soon be worth more than gold due to the earth changes that are occurring.  What would you do if you lost your job, or if one of the freak storms hit your area?  Buy storable foods like rice, sugar, powdered milk, oatmeal, wheat, beans and learn to cook from scratch and can so you can control the contents of your stored food.  Remember store canned food is held in plastic lined cans so you are getting those chemicals in your food.

If you are in the Olympia, WA area I am available to come and teach you how to can safely, easily and frugally.  Just email me.

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Katidids said...

You have such a great bird house collection! I've started dehydrating this week. A few tester trials to lear with. Looking forwad to doing more