Monday, May 17, 2010

New Garden Boxes

What was I thinking?  I now have 5 new garden boxes to go along with the 19 I already have!  Now I love to garden but this year I don't have much energy.  I have to go and get a load of garden dirt mixed with compost to fill the boxes today.  I hope that young man down the street is ready for some paid labor because I don't want to spread two yards of soil alone.

The first set of three boxes are made out of recycled wood from the Habitat for Humanity outlet.  I paid $7 for all the 2x6's and I believe I purchased 20 pieces of wood in all.  The wood was a painted deck so I put the worn paint on the outside to preserve the integrity of the soil.

We used the miter saw set up on the back of the truck for a staging area.  We also used measuring tapes and a square.  To put the boxes together we used a power drill and screws that I had.


The saw cut quickly and evenly and was easy to use.  I got one a few years ago from my brother for a present.  I was not sure what I was going to do with it but have used it a lot.

All the drill holes were predrilled so as not to split the old wood.

The first four four sides have now been drilled but need more support to hold up  Two sets of pieces will be used to give more depth to the box.

Next rectangles of used plywood were added to the bottom of the corners of the box to give added stability.  The corners to not allow the box to torque to the side.

Next a short piece of wood was added to each corner to tie together the corners and give added strength.

A piece of 2x4 is all that is needed for added strength and stability.

The three new super dupper boxes will go in this corner of the edible front yard.

Finished box ready to be moved to the site.  Next is the soil.


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Wow...nice job!!

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haha love the poem! very talented you are.

and yes i do love boxes:)