Thursday, May 13, 2010

More on Coupons

The other evening I attended an introduction to couponing by sponsored by the local LDS Church.  First I want to thank the ladies group for allowing me to attend and bring along my neighbor.

I learned some new things about coupons I would like to share with you.

1.  Don't let the cashier pull the "one coupon per purchase" line on you.  One coupon per purchase does not mean one coupon per transaction.  Each item is considered a purchase.  Ask them to ring them up individually if they do not get it.
2.  Don't hesitate to call over the Manager if there is confusion on a coupon policy.  Bring store coupon policies in your coupon book.
3.  Some stores do take expired coupons.
4.  Walmart will take coupons from other stores.

The gal saves up to 66% on her grocery bill weekly which is great.  There has been a 27% rise in the use of coupons in the past two years.

More coupons can be purchased from local newspapers at a small cost.  Sunday newspapers are the greatest source of coupons and papers can be purchased at dollar stores for $1 which is a great deal!

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