Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frugal Tips to Save on Trash Costs

1.      If you do not fill the trash bin weekly you are paying too much for trash service: 
  • Call and request that your trash be picked up every other week.
  • Make arrangements with a neighbor who has a small amount of trash weekly to share one trash container and split the bill.
  • Stop automatic trash pick up and transport your trash to the landfill/trash compactor individually.

2.      Do not:
  • Make little bundles of trash and go out after dark and deposit them in your neighbors trash barrels.
  • Make bundles and leave them at the grocery store or with other merchants
  • Do not discard them anywhere on the side of the road.  Your trash is your responsibility and you should be accountable for its safe disposal and cost of disposal. 
  • Recycle and be part of solution not part of the problem.

3.      Watch what you buy:
  • Think about your purchasing habits.  How much plastic do you consume?  Is there another alternative to plastic packaging?
  • Buy brands that have less packaging, come in recyclable containers or buy in bulk.  Ask for paper containers whenever possible like from the butcher and fruit aisles.  Use reusable shopping bags.

4.      Compost:
  • Recycle by composting.
  • Recycle food waste and yard debris and compostable paper.

Visit for database of reuse and recycling locations   The Web site includes more than 130 categories to choose from.

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